5 Hair Tips for Healthy Hair

4 March 2021       Emma Kenny

Tip 1 - Hydrate Your Hair Regularly
Deep hydrating treatments can really help your hair. Hair tends to dry out and end up with heat damage (especially longer hair). That’s why you need to make sure you’re using hydrating products regularly, whether that’s a hair mask in the shower, an oil treatment, or something else that applies moisture to the hair follicles.

Tip 2 - Use less heat on your hair
Most of us are guilty for using lots of heat on hair from hairdryers and stylers. We can however try to use a little less heat to stop breaking down all those bonds in our hair. The best thing would be to leave your hair to air dry and use no hot tools. However if you really must use some kind if heat then please use a heat protector spray. This is literally the same as using sunscreen on your skin to protect from the sun.

Tip 3 - Use the Right Ponytail Holders
Ponytail holders are not all the same. Particularly when you have long hair, a ponytail holder can be damaging if it holds too closely to your hair, especially when it comes time to take the ponytail out. Ponytail holders inherently cause some damage, but you don’t have to resign yourself to serious damage from these holders. Instead, consider a plastic coil type of scrunchy. These hair bands don’t pull at the root, instead allowing you to gather your hair more effectively and avoid damage.

Tip 4 - Shampoo the Right Way
You shouldn’t be shampooing your hair every day. Instead, try for a schedule where you shampoo your hair every third day. If you have workouts every day and have to shower daily, skip the shampoo and just rinse it. Additionally, please make sure you are using a salon brand shampoo instead of a supermarket brand. Supermarket shampoos tend to have more water, sulphates, and fillers with fewer vitamins, oils, and minerals than salon formulations.
Tip 5 - Use the Right Brush
Brushes or combs with fine bristles can damage your hair because they can cause too much friction and end up pulling out individual strands of hair. You especially shouldn’t be using these types of brushes when your hair’s wet because wet hair is easier to damage. Instead, opt for a wide-tooth comb or a wet brush.
Wet brushes are designed to be used on both wet and dry hair. It helps to smooth and tame your mane without causing excess damage to your strands. We wouldn't use anything else.

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