Our aim is to keep all Team Members informed and up to date with salon policies, procedures, practices, benefits and expectations. The guidelines in this handbook will provide you with an overview of everything you’ll need to succeed. There is an obligation upon you to take time to read this Handbook and ensure you understand it. Should you have any queries regarding this handbook please feel free to discuss it with the salon owner/manager.

We use this handbook as a living breathing tool to guide you on all policies, procedures, practices or benefits. We are an ever growing, changing organisation and reserve the right to add, modify or delete provisions of this handbook or any other policy, procedure, practice, or benefit at any time without advanced notice.

No one has the authority to alter the at-will relationship, to enter into an employment agreement, or to make any agreement contrary to this handbook or company policy except Enhance Hair & Beauty Owner or leadership team members.

This handbook is intended to be used as a reference manual for all matters associated with recruiting and employing our team. It contains all guidelines, recommendations and sample letters, forms etc for your use. Failure to adhere to the Organisation’s rules, procedures and policies may result in disciplinary action (which may include dismissal) in accordance with the Organisation’s Disciplinary Procedure. 

Feedback and suggestions about the contents of this Handbook are welcomed. Please provide them in writing to your Salon Owner/Manager.

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