Top 3 Beauty Tricks at home

Tip 1 – For Lashes
If you wear false lashes or you are even all natural, you should be using a lash serum daily. Using a good lash serum twice a day can give you fuller, longer and stronger lashes in just a few weeks. We put our lashes through a lot with mascara & false lashes so give them a treat, they deserve it!
Tip 2 – For your Skin
Exfoliate a minimum of three times per week. Once per day is even better, especially if your skin is excessively dry. The exfoliation process removes dead layers of skin cells and gives your fresh, moist skin underneath a chance to breathe, as well as letting moisturiser absorb better afterwards. The best thing for the job in our opinion is a Tan Eraser. Not only does it remove unwanted fake tan so effortlessly, it also removes those dead skin cells too.
Top 3 – For Hands & Feet
The trick to longer, stronger nails is actually to file them regularly. This prevents splits and chips, leaving only the stronger parts of your nails to grow. You should also be keeping those cuticles hydrated by using a nail oil daily. These two things take seconds out of your day but will help you reach your goal of stronger, longer nails more quickly.
Hands and feet are normally the areas we forget about and leave last. Both should be treated to Manicure's & Pedicure's monthly (whether that's in the salon or at home). This is to ensure dead skin has all been removed and skin is soft & nourished.
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