Wednesday 1 April 2020

As you are all more than aware, we are closed (or as I like to call it PAUSED) for the time being. It has been a scary and unsettling time for all of us. This has turned every single one of lives upside down and we now find ourselves in our new 'normal' for just now.

When I first realised that this was going to affect our lives, businesses and there wasn't going to be a quick fix, I honestly fell into a deep sadness where I cried in the car on the way to the salon, cried on the way home and only managed to hold it together while in the salon as I knew my whole team were worried and I needed to be strong for them. This is NOT me, I dont cry. Normally when I come up against a problem, I go into fix it mode and come up with all solutions to fix it. This in my opinion was unfixable so I couldnt do anything to stop our salon we have all worked so hard for crumble.This lasted a few days (at the very least).

It got to a point where I didnt feel it was safe for us to be in the salon anymore as there was no way of being able to social distance when we apply colour to hair, carry out a nail treatment or when carrying out a brow shape so we decided as a team to put the salon on a pause from Sunday 22 March.

We have now passed that time of uncertainty over what to do. We are now closed and we are all (hopefully) following our new rules from the government. I am now in a good headspace and know that this is now an opportunity that I cannot waste. This is now given me time which we have all said that we didnt have enough of. I can now spend more time with my immediate family doing family activities and going for walks, I can cook new recipes, bake more cakes, get into a better workout routine to become healthier and fitter and find new hobbies.I now also have more time to focus on the other parts of the business that I never seem to get round to as the daily tasks of running a salon always seem to take up all my time. I am now excited for this opportunity I have as it means I can finally get our salon to where I want it to be. I have already launched our Online Shop where there are a few products on already for you to purchase. And I will be adding more as the days go on. Check out

Another Positive that came out of this whole lot of crazy, was that I realised what an amazing strong team we have at Enhance. There are 14 of us and we have definitely been made a lot stronger through this whole journey. Every single one of us cannot wait to get back to the salon and see all our guests. But for now we are keeping each other updated on our whatsapp group about the daily challenges of home schooling, being away from work and the amount of alcohol consumed each day.

For just now, no one knows when we will be able to reopen BUT we will at some point and our plan is to have lots of new and exciting ideas in place for when the time comes. We are all so excited to get back into the salon and to see each and everyone of you but for now Stay Home, Stay Safe and Enjoy the time you have now for the little things in life.

Lots of Love,

Emma xxx